Thursday, July 28, 2005

Why do some people get on your nerves

Why is it that some people get on your nerves more than others? I know, I said this blog would be my thoughts on teaching, but I've got to get something off my chest first!

I consider myself a good friend, probably not a great friend, cause I'm pretty self absorbed. Now, if my best friend needed me to keep her kids for a weekend or even a whole week, I'd do it. I'd probably be dead by the end of the week, but I'd do it and I'd come get her from any situtation I needed, but no, I don't talk to her on a schedule. We talk when we talk. And when we talk... wow, we talk. But, now that Emilee has little girl friends, I feel like I should be friends with their moms, but honestly, most of them I'm not. I tend to stick within my group and don't sway too much. I was the first of my "click" to have a kid so mine is the oldest, which means I'm meeting new moms. One of Emilee's best friends has an older mom and most of the time, I'm okay spending a little time with her, but our values, opinons, life is SOOOO different and honestly, I can only take her in short, short amounts. Do you know someone like that? Her kid is a little strange or at least different than mine. But the past two times I've come in contact with this mom, I've had to get away from her. She gets on my nerves. She seems to have a negative attitude about most things if they aren't done exactly like she wants them to be done. And I'm so not like that. You know, each to their own. Anyway, I know I'll deal with her, cause Cheerleading season is upon us and I'm sure we'll be spending a lot of time together ..... joy for me!

Now, on to teaching. And I'm talking teaching at scrapbook conventions. Let me tell you, I'm scared to death to talk in front of people. I HATE it! I don't even like talking in a 8 person meeting. I feel like nothing I say is important enough for someone else to hear. Now, I had a former boss (loved him!) that told me that for me to feel that way, I had some deep socialigical problem. But basically, I think its just because I grew up knowing that children are to be seen and not heard! But, I taught my first convention in March at at CK convention! Talk about sweating it, boy, I was almost sick before my first class. But after getting started, getting the project started and feeling like I was in control, I LOVED IT! So, I agreed to teach at a recent covention for my design team and again, it was great. Now, I do have this thing about teaching in front of people I know, I don't like to do it. But this convention, I had a person in each class that I knew! But, I still did okay! I really hope to get the opportunity to teach more, I think everytime you do it, it gets easier to do!

More later............


Anonymous said...

It's "Random" not Ramdom Thoughts And Ideas. But I get what you mean by some people get on your nerves more than others. I have a single friend that can't understand why we don't talk as much anymore. This person actually gets angry when I can't respond to messages and texts.

Padma said...
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Padma said...

Oh I know someone like that, i wondered if it was me, considering everyone else seems to be fine with her and maybe even love her, including people closest to me.

I find her very overbearing, somehow some people are close to you and others want to keep you close, if you know what i mean, i find her in the latter category, i am afraid.

short short amounts is what i would have liked, but i didnt have it my way always.